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About Us

LIve Event Production Solutions

Riley Music & Sound is more than just a sound company. We provide lighting, staging, rentals, and an array of talent bookings for all types of events. Picking up where others fall short, we understand that not every event is the same. therefore we take a custom approach to every event we produce to ensure unparalleled success. 

The 19th Street Band Live at The Hunters Hound in Bethesda Maryland. Show produced by Riley Music & Sound

Our Story

Riley Music & Sound began with owner Shaun Riley's musical endeavors throughout his childhood, teens, and early 20's. Starting at just 3 years old, Shaun began to fiddle with his fathers guitars. At the time his father (Mike Riley) played music regularly with cover bands in the Baltimore area. Throughout his childhood he would attend these band practices with his father to listen in always playing with the soundboard.

At just 4 years old, Shaun was gifted his first drumkit and drum lessons from his fathers musician friends. He began flourishing on drums, and quickly moved to other instruments, starting with bass, then guitar. On top of playing instruments he was always a vocalist singing in every school chorus since elementary school. While performing, he took great detail in producing the processes to ensure the event was a success, (even if it was just a talent show in his parents basement with some friends).

In his teenage years with his musical talents flourishing he quickly began creating bands with friends, performing in multiple musicals and other forms of artistic expression. Throughout every performance Shaun found excitement in producing and running the audio and lighting systems. 

Fast forward to 2013, Shaun meets the band Bond & Bentley about to embark on a nationwide U.S. tour in need of a ride or die bass player/vocalist/sound guy. Touring the country and seeing how the world works quickly educated Shaun on the rigors of "Bands on the road". 5 Years touring brought a great understanding of a traveling live production. While touring the country and even the US Virgin Islands with the band, Shaun found a gap in the live production industry. Witnessing the need for the next step in audio production Shaun formed Riley Music & Sound. 

Presently Riley Music & Sound works daily in fulfilling the needs of multiple restaurants, festivals, bands, and theaters throughout the Baltimore DMV region. Always exceeding the expectations of his clients with safety and quality at the forefront of his company standards. 


Riley Music & Sound at the State Theater in Falls Church Virginia
Riley Music & Sound Live Event Production

Our Clients

Tin Roof
Maryland Center For The Arts in Harford County Maryland


Nicks Fish House in Baltimore Maryland
Chron's & Colitas Foundation of America
The 19th Street Band
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